Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cool Art: 'Use The Force, Korra' by Ashley Riot!

Check out this poster by Ashley Riot! ,from a commission she did at last year's WonderCon, of the characters of 'The Legend Of Korra' posed like the classic 'Star Wars' poster.

This print is also available at her online store. The print will be 18" x 24" on glossy cardstock and will be limited to only 75 copies.

Cool Art: 'The Bells Of Saint John' by Francesco Francavilla

With the return of Doctor Who to our screens, there is also the return of Francesco Francavilla's sketch posters! For the last couple of series, Francesco has done a spoiler free sketch poster after each episode. Check out his rendition of 'The Bells Of Saint John' below.

The Art Of 'Game Of Thrones'

With 'Game Of Thrones' now back on screen with season 3 (or will be once it airs in the UK Monday night), here's a selection of artwork inspired by the series including official posters plus book cover art.

'Bioshock Infinite' The Movie

YouTube user dansg08 has edited a playthrough of 'Bioshock Infinite' into what he calls a 'POV movie' and has been edited to remove the player to make it play like a movie, focusing on the story and cut scenes.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Poster

In dazzling 3D!

Behind the Scenes of 'The Bells of Saint John' Doctor Who Episode

Behind the scenes of the 'The Bells Of John' Doctor Who episode with Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman. Narrated by Richard Bacon.

The Art Of 'Doctor Who'

'Doctor Who' is back with second half of series 7 tonight! And here's a selection of artwork that was inspired by the series, plus official desktop wallpapers of the current series.

by Jeff Halsey

Cool Art: 'Shelob's Lair' by Richey Beckett

If you're at WonderCon in Anaheim this weekend - Mondo will be selling Richey Beckett's official Lord Of The Rings 'Shelob's Lair' print, at their booth! The print is available in both standard and variant colours.

Cool Art: 'Hattori Hanso' by Rhys Cooper

'Hattori Hanso', a 'Kill Bill' inspired print by Rhys Cooper for the recent Gallery1988 'Product Placement' gallery show, will be on sale on Saturday, March 30th at a random time here.

Follow both Rhys and Gallery1988 on Twitter for when the print drops.

Cool Art: 'I Shall Be With You' by Bernie Wrightson

On April 2, Nakatomi will be releasing 'I Shall Be With You', the second release in a 'Frankenstein' series of high-quality silk-screen prints by legendary comic artist, Bernie Wrightson. The original pen and ink drawings of this set are in art-collector's archives around the world, and these prints are shot from scans of those originals, and 'I Shall Be With You' is the only ‘double page spread’ in the entirety of Bernie’s original Illustrated Frankenstein book - published back in 1983 from Marvel comics.

'I Shall Be With You' is a 24"×36" hand printed silk-screen print on thick 130lb Cougar Natural paper, signed by Bernie in a numbered edition of only 200 and will be available around 2pm Central Time on here.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Retro Gaming Cartridges by StarRovias

I love my retro pulp art and I love my video games. StarRovias has blended the two with these retro gaming carts.

These are a few of my favourite ones, including some of my favourite games. There are a lot more on her Deviant Page. See if she's done your favourite game!

Winners Of The Deviant Art 'Tomb Raider Reborn' Contest

In the run up to the release of the game, Deviant Art had organised a Tomb Raider Reborn contest, where they challenged you to bring the new Lara Croft to life. And now the winners have been chosen, as selected by Square Enix's Senior Art Director Brian Horton, with the first place entry being sold internationally as a print in the official Tomb Raider store!

Check out the overall winner and the two runners up below and you can browse through all the other awesome entries here.

The Winner: 'Chase' by Viktor Titov (Hamsterfly)

Jurassic Park: Really Clever Girl!

Muldoon learns that velociraptors are a lot more clever than he thought. They hunt in packs. They avoid trans fats. And they do sudoku.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last Two Posters Released In Mondo's 'Game Of Thrones' Series

With 'Game Of Thrones' back on our screens this weekend, the last two posters from Mondo's 'Game of Thrones' series have been revealed. The final two posters are by Aaron Horkey and Richey Beckett.

'Canus Dirus' by Aaron Horkey is a 39" x 22" print in a limited edition of 490 and costs $85. 'Bran Stark' by Richey Beckett measures 24" x 36" and is a limited edition of 365 and costs $45.

Both posters will be on sale Thursday at a random time at Mondo.

'Canus Dirus' by Aaron Horkey
'Bran Stark' by Richey Beckett

Two New Trailers For 'The Wolverine'

Based on the celebrated comic book arc, this epic action-adventure takes Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), the most iconic character of the X-Men universe, to modern-day Japan. Out of his depth in an unknown world, he will face a host of unexpected and deadly opponents in a life-or-death battle that will leave him forever changed. Vulnerable for the first time and pushed to his physical and emotional limits, he confronts not only lethal samurai steel but also his inner struggle against his own immortality.
'The Wolverine' is out in cinemas July 16 (UK) and July 26 (US).

New 'International' Trailer For 'Kick-Ass 2'

'Kick-Ass 2' is out in cinemas August 16.

Movie Review: 'OZ: The Great And Powerful'

When Oscar Diggs, a small-time circus magician with dubious ethics, is hurled away from dusty Kansas to the vibrant Land of Oz, he thinks he's hit the jackpot-fame and fortune are his for the taking-that is until he meets three witches, Theodora, Evanora and Glinda, who are not convinced he is the great wizard everyone's been expecting. Reluctantly drawn into the epic problems facing the Land of Oz and its inhabitants, Oscar must find out who is good and who is evil before it is too late. Putting his magical arts to use through illusion, ingenuity-and even a bit of wizardry-Oscar transforms himself not only into the great and powerful Wizard of Oz but into a better man as well.
Whenever I go to see a film at the cinema, or watch a film for the first time, that was based on a book, which I might have read, or if it's one of the many sequels, prequels, reboots or reimaginings that are getting churned out of Hollywood these days, I always put any preconceptions behind me and forget about any previous incarnations and just see the film as a standalone. It was the same when I went to see 'OZ: The Great And Powerful'. Yes, most people will remember fondly the 1939 Judy Garland musical, and will compare the two films, but at least these days, I think it's best not to judge a film in this way, especially when they are very different.

I fairly enjoyed it. Sam Raimi's interpretation of Oz, was more like Army Of Darkness with a hint of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland, both films I've enjoyed (critics be damned!). From the opening scenes in the full frame black and white, which paralleled the opening for the 1939 film, to the full colour widescreen world of Oz, full of witches, munchkins, flying monkeys and of course the Emerald City, Raimi's Oz is definitely a brightly coloured fantasy that pays homage to the original, and if you're a fan of the original film you may be able to spot a few nods towards it too. If you're a fan of Sam Raimi's films, look out for the obligatory cameo from Bruce Campbell too!

I saw it spellbinding 3D, and I would definitely recommend splashing out and seeing it in that format. There are few movies that have done the 3D this well, and it definitely gives you the sense of actually being in Oz!

There are 15 books in the Oz series written L Frank Baum, so there should be plenty of material to mine for future films.

If you're looking for a fun, entertaining fantasy film, I'd recommend going to see this.

**** out of 5

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Title Track From The Soundtrack Of The Tom Cruise Sci Fi Film 'Oblivion'

Anthony Gonzalez and Joseph Trapanese collaborated on the score for the Tom Cruise sci-fi film 'Oblivion'. They've already shared the track 'StarWaves'. Now, here's the title track 'Oblivion', which features Norwegian singer Susanne Sundfør.

'Oblivion' is out April 19 with its soundtrack arriving April 9 via Back Lot Records.

Trailer For 'The Bells Of Saint John'

The Doctor returns for the first of eight epic adventures!

Limited Run: Mondo's Modern Classic

Check out this three part look at Mondo and the awesome prints that they release.

As a paramount fixture in an emerging movement and subculture, Mondo is breaking new ground with classic films. To some, a movie poster exists purely as a piece of marketing and as a picture on a video box. Justin Ishmael and his team strive for more. Encapsulating the magic of each film, Mondo is responsible for bringing limited edition screen prints to loyal fans around the world.

Set to the backdrop of the Summer of 1982 series at the Alamo Drafthouse, episode one of this three part series focuses not only on one of Mondo's most ambitious projects to date but explores the story behind one of the most iconic film posters in the history of science fiction: John Carpenter's 1982 classic The Thing. With interviews from the Mondo staff, Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League, legendary artist Drew Struzan and John Carpenter himself, fans of cinema and of Mondo are granted unprecedented access to a truly unique print.

Part One:

Commemorative Doctor Who Stamps Released

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the world’s longest running science fiction series, Royal Mail have released Doctor Who stamps at 9,000 Post Office Branches (UK only) and online from globally.

The stamps were recently launched at an event in London, with former Doctors Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Paul McGann in attendance.

See a gallery of pictures from the Doctor Who stamp launch here.

The eleven stamps, all at 1st Class value, feature each of the actors who have played the role of the Time Lord over the last 50 years. In addition to the eleven stamps featuring the Doctors, a five-stamp miniature sheet is also available, featuring a TARDIS and some of the Doctor’s most famous foes; a Dalek, a Cyberman, an Ood and a Weeping Angel. See the Doctor Who stamp designs here.

Royal Mail is also creating unique postmarks in each of the home towns of all the actors to have played the Eleven Doctors. This means that all stamped mail sent from Matt Smith’s home town of Northampton, will have a special postmark celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who with the name of the actor on it.

Andrew Hammond, Managing Director, Stamps and Collectibles at Royal Mail, said: “Following our launch announcement last year, we’ve had a fantastic response from the public who seemingly can’t wait for the stamps. This shows just how much we all love Doctor Who”

Fiona Eastwood, Product Development Director, BBC Worldwide Consumer Products said: “With the second part to the latest Doctor Who series out very soon, these stamps are the perfect way to mark this as well as the 50th anniversary.”

New 'John Carter (Of Mars)' Fan Trailer

Check out this fan made trailer by Back To Barsoom on how the debut trailer for John Carter of Mars should have been like, take note Disney, if it properly setup the importance Edgar Rice Burroughs and how he inspired George Lucas to create Star Wars and James Cameron to create Avatar. In fact, the original Superman could only take huge leaps like John Carter.

In my opinion, it's yet another fan-made trailer that is much better than any the official trailers - and not a white ape in sight!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Posters And A Second Trailer For 'World War Z'

Check out the new posters (essentially the same though) and second trailer for the zombie flick 'World War Z'.

Cool Art: 'Madre' by Silvia Ji

'Madre' by Silvia Ji is a 18" x 18", hand signed and numbered print, in a limited edition of 200 that will be available at 827 Ink on Friday, March 29th.  It's printed on acid-free archival Italian cold press watercolour paper with Epson Ultrachrome HDR inks rated to last in excess of 75 years.

Silvia's previous prints have always sold out, so be quick if you want bag this one!

Review: 'Neverwhere' BBC Audio Drama

Beneath the streets of London there is another London. A subterranean labyrinth of sewers and abandoned tube stations. A somewhere that is Neverwhere. 

An act of kindness sees Richard Mayhew catapulted from his ordinary life into a subterranean world under the streets of London. Stopping to help an injured girl on a London street, Richard is thrust from his workaday existence into the strange world of London Below.

I've been really getting into audiobooks and audio dramas lately, mostly listening to them on my work commute. From the free audio books from the public domain by Librivox, and unabridged adaptations of some of my favourite books, to the old BBC dramatisations of The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings, and of course not forgetting the classic NPR broadcasts of the original Star Wars trilogy. So when it was first announced that the BBC were going to do a six part adaptation of Neil Gaiman's 'Neverwhere' (one of my favourite Neil Gaiman books) I was really looking forward to hearing it.

With a cast list that includes James McAvoy (Richard Mayhew), Natalie Dormer (Door), David Harewood (Marquis De Carabas), Sophie Okonedo (Hunter), Anthony Head (Mr Croup), David Schofield (Mr Vandemar), Benedict Cumberbatch (The Angel Islington), Bernard Cribbins (Old Bailey), George Harris (The Abbot Of The Black Friars) and Christopher Lee (The Earl Of Earl's Court) and produced by Dirk Maggs, who wrote and directed the 2003 'The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy' radio series, the potential for a quality adaptation was there. It's safe to say I wasn't disappointed!

You are definitely drawn into Richard Mayhew's descent from his world of London Above to the realm of London Below. The acting is top notch, with a cast like they have I wouldn't have expected anything less, and it's well written too with not too much of the original story cut due to time restrictions, given that the whole radio play is just over three hours (I'd recommend the Neil Gaiman narrated audiobook for the complete experience, and the original six part 1996 BBC TV series isn't bad either).

Although the series has now concluded, the hour long first chapter is now available on iTunes and available as Drama Of The Week for this week only, and then part 2 will be available.

I really enjoyed listening to 'Neverwhere' and can certainly recommend this audio drama if you're a fan of Neil Gaiman and the original book. I hope they do more Sci-Fi, Fantasy audio dramas off the back of this adaptation!

***** out of 5

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Doctor Who: 'The Bells Of Saint John' - A Prequel

The Doctor takes a break on Earth, despondent that he can't find Clara.

The Doctor returns to BBC One in 'The Bells Of Saint John', Easter Saturday at 6.15pm

Cool Art: 'Star Wars Episode VII' by Adam Schickling

Check out this fan art poster of the upcoming 'Star Wars' film by Adam Schickling. Definitely inspired by the Drew Struzan Special Edition Star Wars posters.

As he says:
"I created this Star Wars Poster depicting the characters from the Original trilogy as they would appear in the new movie. Since there is no cast yet for the new movie I thought it would be cool to create a poster with some of my favorite characters from the Star Wars Universe. This illustration is 30X40 in. and was drawn and painted by hand."

Cool Art: 'My name is.. Eastwood, CLINT Eastwood' by Mark Raats

Love this 'Back To The Future Part III' inspired poster from the awesome Mark Raats, 'My name is.. Eastwood, CLINT Eastwood'.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Cool Art: 'Metropolis' by Laurent Durieux

Dark Hall Mansion celebrate its debut DHM-Seminal Film Series with a limited edition print of the 1927 silent classic, 'Metropolis' by artist Laurent Durieux.

The limited edition "Metropolis" prints go on sale next Friday, March 29th, 2013 at 9:30am PST on the DHM Store page.

All editions for DHM-Seminal Film Series screenprints are strictly limited and numbered.

Standard "Metropolis" Edition: 24" x 36" (Edition of 200)
Alternate "Metropolis" Edition: 12" x 36" (Edition of 100)
Metal "Metropolis" Edition: 12" x 36" (with Alternate artwork: Edition of 10)

There is also an extremely limited Metal Edition with Standard artwork (Edition of 10) print that will be released by EMoviePoster.

Standard Edition "Metropolis": $65
Alternate Edition "Metropolis": $100
Metal Edition "Metropolis": $250
Regular Edition
Alternate Edition

Welcome To 'Jurat-At Park'

A Star Wars / Jurassic Park mashup trailer, edited by One Minute Galactica.

New Trailer For 'Epic'

Here's the new US trailer for the Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox animated film 'Epic'.
A teenager finds herself transported to a deep forest setting where a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil is taking place. She bands together with a rag-tag group characters in order to save their world -- and ours.
'Epic' stars Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson, Amanda Seyfried, Christoph Waltz, Pitbull, Jason Sudeikis, Steven Tyler, Aziz Ansari, Blake Anderson, Judah Friedlander and Beyoncé Knowles and will be out in cinemas May 24.


'Star Trek Into Brickness' Lego Trailer

A remake of the 'Star Trek Into Darkness' trailer in Lego by Antonio Toscano and Andrea Toscano. You can see the original here.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Two New Posters In Mondo's 'Game Of Thrones' Series

Here are the fifth and sixth posters in Mondo's 'Game Of Thrones' series leading up to the premiere of Season 3. Check out the two new prints from Phantom City Creative and Vania Zouravliov below.

These posters will be available online at a random time on Thursday, March 21st. Follow Mondo on Twitter for the on sale announcement.

by Phantom City Creative (Regular Edition)
18"x 24" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 340. $45

Cool Art: 'Things To Come' by Laurent Durieux

Cover of the Criterion Collection version of HG Wells' "Things to Come" by Laurent Durieux.

'Calvin & Hobbes' Animation by Adam Brown

Here is a test animation by Adam Brown for 'Calvin & Hobbes'. And here's the original comic strip.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cool Art: 'Survivor' by Stanley Lau (aka Artgerm)

Check out this cool 'Tomb Raider' fan art by the awesome Stanley Lau, aka Artgerm.

Check out his Deviant Art page for more cool art.

New IMAX Poster For 'Iron Man 3'

Similar to the US and Japanese one sheet, this new IMAX poster for 'Iron Man 3' features all the gang!

Cool Art: 'Evil Dead' by Midnight Marauder

Check out this poster of the new Fede Alvarez reboot of 'The Evil Dead' by one of my favourite pop culture artists, Midnight Marauder, simple but very effective. Take note Hollywood!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Cool Art: 'A Whole Bunch Of Dwarves (And A Hobbit)' by Julie Dillon

'A Whole Bunch Of Dwarves (And A Hobbit)' by Julie Dillon

Check out her Deviant Art page for more awesome art!

Another New S3 'Game Of Thrones' Trailer

'Game of Thrones' Season 3 is coming. The new season returns on March 31st at 9pm on HBO (US) and April 1st at 9pm on Sky Atlantic (UK).

'Dora The Explorer And The Destiny Medallion' Web Series

Last year College Humor made for a fake trailer for a live-action “Dora the Explorer” movie.

The response from that trailer resulted in them actually producing a 3-part web series called 'Dora The Explorer And The Destiny Medallion', starring Ariel Winter of “Modern Family”!

The first webisode will debut on March 19. The second episode will air on March 26 and the final episode will be on April 2.

Check out the miniseries poster and trailer below.

Cool Art: 'Unify Humanity' by Steve Thomas

'Unify Humanity' is a 'Star Trek' inspired 16" x 24" open edition giclée print by Steve Thomas and is currently available through Bye Bye Robot for $25.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Doctor Who Series 7B Trailer

Cool Art: 'Stout & Taylor' Gallery Show

For the rest of the month at the Mondo Gallery on 4115 Guadalupe Street, Austin, Texas, celebrated poster artists, and regular Mondo collaborators Ken Taylor and Tyler Stout will be presenting an exhibit of new work together in one gallery show. 'Stout and Taylor' will be on display from March 15 through to April 6.

Check out some of the awesome works that'll be at the show below.

Friday, March 15, 2013

'Game Of Thrones' Princess Bride Trailer


Short Film: 'The Continuum: Graveyard' by Mike and Dan Palermo

Graveyard is the action filled story of a special-unit Marine who has to work with his squad in a personal battle to rescue his brother who has been taken hostage by a band of trigger happy terrorists and their menacing leader, Colonel Vasquez. 
The only thing that isn't the battlefield.
This short film by Mike and Dan Palermo reminds me of the paintball episode of 'Spaced' - one of my all time favourite shows!

Help Make Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series A Possiblity

The story so far; Over twelve months ago, a young Italian director by the name of Gionata Medeot; tired of waiting for Final Fantasy VII remakes and a decent telling of the tale, decided to team up with Mattia Ferraro, and bring together some of his friends and fellow FFVII fans together to discuss the possibility of making a movie adaptation of the much loved and best-selling videogame. The result was this cool trailer below.

With the positive reaction from the teaser, which was made with a team of consisting of under 20 people and cost $1,200 for just 2 minutes of footage, the idea of a movie was replaced by a 5-episode web series, so that the story could be explored in depth & detail.

Now, they need your help. With a Kickstarter campaign coming soon, they have a Red Bubble page where you can buy posters, shirts, hoodies, stickers, mugs, phone cases with more items to come, and all proceeds from these will go towards the cost of the production and promotion of the web series, so you’ll be directly contributing to the web series. Plus some of the designs will be chosen to appear in the episodes; so you could own a little piece of history, to wear everyday.

Keep up to date with the production of the Final Fantasy VII web series via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Check out some of the designs below.

Cool Art: Rafael Grampá Facebook Commmissions

Cheers to Larry Fire at The Fire Wire blog with bringing this to my attention. On March 6th Rafael Grampá opened his first commission list to his Facebook followers  allowing 10 lucky people to choose their favorite super hero/heroes for Grampá to illustrate in his distinct style.

The drawings were inked over pencils on 11×17 strathmore paper, and the cost of each piece depended on how many figures Rafael drew. A full body, single figure cost $1,000, two characters $1,800 and three characters $2,400. As Grampá doesn’t sell any of his original work, those 10 spots were snapped up pretty quickly.

You can check out two of those commissions below.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cool Art: 'Rebirth' by Alice X Zhang

This is Alice X Zhang's entry in the Deviant Art 'Tomb Raider Reborn' contest. Lots of really cool entries so far too!

Check out Alice's Deviant Art page for more awesome art.

Cool Art: 'Beetlejuice' by Ken Taylor

More Ken Taylor awesomeness! This time it's 'Beetlejuice', which will be on sale at Mondo's Ken Taylor/Tyler Stout gallery show which runs from March 15 through to April 16 at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX.

The 'Beetlejuice' print is available as a 24 x 36" regular screenprint in a limited edition of 400 and costs $50 as well as a 24 x 36" silver variant which is in a limited edition of 205 and costs $75.

Check out both below.
Regular Edition
Variant Edition

Cool Art: 'Harbinger' by Ken Taylor

Mondo will be releasing two new 'Game Of Thrones' posters each week until the premiere of Season 3 on March 31st (US) / April 1 (UK). Along with JC Richard's 'North Of The Wall' print, the second print this week is Ken Taylor's 'Harbinger'.

Ken Taylor's print measures 21 x 36," and is available as a $50 regular version that's in a limited edition of 440 and a variant edition in a limited edition of 225 that's available for $75.

All these prints will be up on Mondo's website tomorrow (March 14).

Regular Edition
Variant Edition

Cool Art: 'North Of The Wall' by JC Richard

Hot off the heels of Mondo's 'Game Of Thrones' gallery show, comes this print from JC Richard titled 'North Of The Wall'.

This is the fourth 'Game of Thrones' poster of an 8-part series that Mondo will be rolling out until the new season premiere on March 31 (US) / April 1 (UK), and is a 15.5" x 36" screenprint in a limited edition of 365. It goes on sale at the Mondo website tomorrow (March 14).

Cool Art: 'Taxi Driver' by Martin Ansin

To celebrate a two special 4K digital restoration screenings of 'Taxi Driver' at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz, Mondo will be releasing a limited edition screenprint of the film by the always awesome Martin Ansin exclusively to attendees at these two screenings only. These prints are limited to one print per person, and attending both screenings will not secure you a second poster.

Definitely sucks to be in the UK when there are these awesome posters released at screenings! Wish there were some cinemas near me that do this kind of thing.

First Trailer For 'Kick Ass 2'


'Game Of Thrones' 1995 Style

Doing the rounds this week!

'Venture Bros' Season 5 Sneak Peek

Back on May 19, can't wait!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Cool Art: 'A Filthy Process' by Bernie Wrightson

Tomorrow (March 12) Nakatomi presents 'A Filthy Process', the first release in a 'Frankenstein' series of high-quality silk-screen prints by legendary artist, Bernie Wrightson. The original pen and ink drawings of this set are in art-collector's archives around the world, and these prints are shot from scans of those originals.

'A Filthy Process' is a 20×30 print on thick 130lb Cougar Natural Cover, signed by Bernie in a numbered edition of only 100 and will be available around 2pm Central Time on here.

Go here for a couple of up close detail shots of the print.

'Iron Man 3' Trailer - Sweded!

A shot by shot homemade remake of the 'Iron Man 3' trailer by Cinefex.

Cool Art: Free 'Kaiser Bear' Blade Runner Print by Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle is giving away another 'Blade Runner' inspired print, 'Kaiser/Bear' with every order from the Nakatomi website. The print measures 9×24", and is signed and numbered by Tim Doyle, it's also in a limited edition of only 150! 

To get this free print, you must have an order that will ship in a tube!

You can see the previous 'Blade Runner' portrait giveaways here.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trailers For 'Raider Origins' - A 'Tomb Raider' Fan Film

Check out these two trailers for 'Raider Origins', a ten minute fan film by GameTrailers, inspired by the new 'Tomb Raider' game, (which is awesome by the way and very much recommended!) and offers an look into the origins of Lara Croft.

The full-length short film will be unveiled on GameTrailers on March 14th.

'Journey' - Complete Score With Text Commentary

This is a presentation of Austin Wintory's complete score to the award-winning video game, 'Journey', featuring a combination of official artwork by Matt Nava, and stunning fan art inspired by the game, with text commentary by Austin.

You can buy the soundtrack on CD or download it here.

It's also available on Austin's Bandcamp page, as a free bonus bundle, and please note that 25% of all sales, and for some albums more than that, via bandcamp are automatically donated to the charity Education Through Music - Los Angeles.

1) Nascence (0:00)
2) The Call (1:42)
3) First Confluence (5:12)
4) Second Confluence (6:47)
5) Threshold (9:03)
6) Third Confluence (15:01)
7) The Road of Trials (16:35)
8) Fourth Confluence (20:46)
9) Temptations (21:47)
10) Descent (25:55)
11) Fifth Confluence (28:55)
12) Atonement (29:44)
13) Final Confluence (35:50)
14) The Crossing (37:52)
15) Reclamation (39:45)
16) Nadir (41:54)
17) Apotheosis (45:34)
18) I Was Born For This (52:43)

Saturday, March 09, 2013

New 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer

The Matrix in 60 seconds

Put machines, dreams, Neo, dystopia, and more machines into a blender and chug it really fast - that's the taste of this condensed version of the 1999 hit movie.

Cool Art: HBO and Mondo present 'Game Of Thrones' Gallery Show

From March 8-12 at their gallery in Austin, Texas, Mondo and HBO present the 'Game Of Thrones' Gallery Show. The show features original artwork from regular Mondo contributors like Daniel Danger, Craig Drake and Jason Edmiston as well as artists new to Mondo like Mia Araujo, Sanjulian and Audrey Kawasaki.

I've featured some of the art previously on this blog, and check out some more of the awesome art from this show below.

'Game Of Thrones' returns to our screens on March 31 at 9pm on HBO (US) and on April 1 at 9pm on Sky Atlantic (UK).

Cool Art: 'The World Is Ahead' by Niken Anindita

Awesome 'The Hobbit' inspired art from Indonesian artist, Niken Anindita.
"I just want to continue a bit from the last scene of the unexpected journey, before they get to Beorn ~ maybe they rest and Gandalf starts talking about plans."
Check out her Deviant Art page for more cool art.