Thursday, August 08, 2013

Cool Art: Cover Art & Trailer For The Comic Adaptation Of George Lucas' 'The Star Wars' Script

'The Star Wars', an eight-issue comic launching September 4 from Dark Horse Comics, is an adaptation of George Lucas' first rough draft from May 1974 of a story that imagines galactic drama between an all-encompassing Empire, the fledgling rebel alliance forming to fight it, an ancient order of Jedi and the evil Sith warriors tapped to wipe out those Jedi. It's Star Wars, but not as we know it today. If you got a copy of the preview issue on Free Comic Book Day on May 4 you'll have an idea of what to expect.

Princess Leia still needs saving; the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 (who actually talks) are there, as is Chewbacca; and the Jedi mentor-apprentice relationship of Obi-Wan Kenobi and farmboy Luke Skywalker is replaced by that of wizened war vet Luke Skywalker and farmboy Annikin Starkiller. Han Solo is a green lizard and there are no lightsabres, just laser swords.

And there's also a different opening titles crawl (cue John Williams opening theme):

The Star Wars 
Until the recent Great Rebellion,
the Dai Nogas were the most feared
warriors in the universe. For one
hundred thousand years, generations
of Dai perfected their art as the
personal bodyguards of the King.
They were the chief architects of
the invincible Royal Space Force,
which expanded the King's power
across the galaxy from the celestial
equator to the farthest stars.

Now these legendary warriors are all
but extinct. One by one, they have
been hunted down and destroyed as
enemies of the New Galactic Kingdom
by a ferocious and sinister rival
warrior sect, the Legions Of Lettow.
'The Star Wars' is written by JW Rinzler and illustrated by Mike Mayhew and out on September 4 from Dark Horse Comics.

Check out the cover art for the first two issues and a trailer too below.

'The Star Wars' #1 by Nick Runge
The Star Wars #1 (Variant Cover) by Jan Duursema
The Star Wars #1 (Ultra Variant Cover) by Doug Wheatley
'The Star Wars' #2 by Nick Runge
'The Star Wars' #2 by Ralph McQuarrie (Variant Cover)

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