Saturday, January 11, 2014

#StarWarsSaturday: 'Star Wars' Manga Cover Art by Adam Warren

Through my TheGeekyNerfherder Instagram profile, I post a lot of pop culture, sci-fi, fantasy, contemporary and vintage, retro art (mostly seen on this blog first). Follow me on there if you like that kind of thing. I also post an image that highlights a particular artist or topic each day of the week.

Monday is #McQuarrieMonday and features art from legendary concept artist Ralph McQuarrie. Tuesdays are #VallejoTuesday and highlight fantasy artist Boris Vallejo. Wednesdays feature fantasy artist Michael Whelan for #WhelanWednesday. Thursday is #KellyThursday and showcases the art of fantasy artist Ken Kelly. Fridays are #FrazettaFriday and is in recognition of legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta. Saturdays are #StarWarsSaturday, and I round out the week with #PulpSunday and art from pulp magazines and paperbacks.

I'll be featuring those on this blog too, and as it's Saturday, I'll be starting with #StarWarsSaturday, and here is cover art by Adam Warren from the Manga adaptations of the Original Star Wars saga.