Saturday, March 08, 2014

Cool Art: 'Mass Effect Saga' by Sam Spratt

'Mass Effect Saga' by Sam Spratt is an 18" x 24" lithograph print on 100lb. paper, and is available for pre-sale at $25 from Bioware.
“I've been a big fan since it came out and really BioWare as a whole since I was young. 'Mass Effect' is one of the only series I've stumbled upon where the writing, characters, and art direction were cohesive and immersive enough to pull me into full-fledged video game escapism. It's incredibly ambitious, one of the most socially conscious and inclusive game series out there, and despite the occasionally overly vague dialog wheel that "tricked" me into accidentally killing characters I grew embarrassingly attached to on multiple occasions—it remains one of the best representations of games as art."
- Sam Spratt
 Go here to buy.

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