Wednesday, May 11, 2016

#CoolArt: 'Silent Running' & 'High-Rise' Prints From Mondo

New print releases from Mondo.
  • 'Silent Running' by Kilian Eng, is a 36" x 24" screenprint in a hand numbered Regular edition of 300 for $45, and in a hand numbered Variant edition of 125 for $65.
  • 'High-Rise' by Jay Shaw is an 18" x 24" screenprint, in a limited edition of 100 for $40.
They go on sale at a random time on Thursday May 12. Follow them on Twitter @MondoNews for the on sale announcement.

'Silent Running' (Regular Edition) by Kilian Eng
'Silent Running' (Variant Edition) by Kilian Eng
'High-Rise' by Jay Shaw