Monday, July 11, 2016

2016 World Fantasy Award Nominees Announced

2016 World Fantasy Award nominees have been announced. The awards will be presented during the World Fantasy Convention, held October 27-30, 2016 in Columbus Ohio.

The Lifetime Achievement Awards, presented annually to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to the fantasy field, will go to David Geddes Hartwell and Andrzej Sapkowski.

  • 'The Buried Giant', Kazuo Ishiguro (Knopf)
  • 'The Fifth Season', N.K. Jemisin (Orbit US; Orbit UK)
  • 'Uprooted', Naomi Novik (Del Rey)
  • 'Savages', K.J. Parker (Subterranean)
  • 'The Chimes', Anna Smaill (Sceptre)
  • 'A Head Full of Ghosts', Paul Tremblay (Morrow)

  • 'The Unlicensed Magician', Kelly Barnhill (PS)
  • 'The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn', Usman T. Malik ( April 22 2015)
  • 'Guignol', Kim Newman (Horrorology)
  • 'Waters of Versailles', Kelly Robson ( June 10 2015)
  • 'Farewell Blues', Bud Webster (F&SF Jan/Feb 2015)

  • 'The Neurastheniac', Selena Chambers (Cassilda’s Song)
  • 'Pockets', Amal El-Mohtar (Uncanny Jan/Feb 2015)
  • 'The Heat of Us: Notes Toward an Oral History', Sam J. Miller (Uncanny Jan/Feb 2015)
  • 'The Deepwater Bride', Tamsyn Muir (F&SF July/Aug 2015)
  • 'Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers', Alyssa Wong (Nightmare Oct 2015)

  • 'The Doll Collection', Ellen Datlow, ed. (Tor)
  • 'Black Wings IV', S.T. Joshi, ed. (PS)
  • 'She Walks in Shadows', Silvia Moreno-Garcia & Paula R. Stiles, eds. (Innsmouth Free Press)
  • 'Cassilda’s Song', Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., ed. (Chaosium)
  • 'Aickman’s Heirs', Simon Strantzas, ed. (Undertow)

  • 'Bone Swans', C.S.E. Cooney (Mythic Delirium)
  • 'Leena Krohn: Collected Fiction', Leena Krohn (Cheeky Frawg)
  • 'Skein and Bone', V.H. Leslie (Undertow)
  • 'Get in Trouble', Kelly Link (Random House)
  • 'Reality by Other Means: The Best Short Fiction of James Morrow', James Morrow (Wesleyan)
  • 'You Have Never Been Here', Mary Rickert (Small Beer)

  • Richard Anderson
  • Galen Dara
  • Julie Dillon
  • Kathleen Jennings
  • Thomas S. Kuebler

  • Neil Gaiman, Dave Stewart, & J.H. Williams III, for 'The Sandman: Overture' (Vertigo)
  • Stephen Jones, for 'The Art of Horror' (Applause Theatre & Cinema)
  • Robert Jordan, Harriet McDougal, Alan Romanczuk, & Maria Simons, for 'The Wheel of Time Companion' (Tor)
  • Joe Monti, for contributions to the genre
  • Heather J Wood, for 'Gods, Memes and Monsters: A 21st Century Bestiary' (Stone Skin Press)

  • Scott H Andrews, for 'Beneath Ceaseless Skies'
  • Jedediah Berry & Eben Kling, for 'The Family Arcana: A Story in Cards' (Ninepin)
  • John O’Neill, for 'Black Gate'
  • Alexandra Pierce & Alisa Krasnostein, for 'Letters to Tiptree' (Twelfth Planet)
  • Lynne M Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas, for 'Uncanny'
  • Helen Young, for 'Tales After Tolkien Society'