Wednesday, December 07, 2016

#CoolArt: Darrell Thorpe (aka Forpe) Appearing At Spa Town Comics December 10

Darrell Thorpe (aka Forpe), is bringing his infectious creative nature to Spa Town Comics in the Royal Priors Shopping Centre on Saturday December 10.

The Death By Heroism creator will be sketching live at the comic book stand, what he will be painting and drawing nobody (including Darrell) knows but he promises it will be EPIC.

Darrell has created three one off prints designed exclusively for Spa Town Comics and the people of Leamington. Shoppers who purchase something from Spa Town Comics on the day will receive a raffle ticket and be entered into a prize draw to win one of Darrell's one off hand painted creations.

Darrell Thorpe said: "It's important for artists, creators and independent stores to work together. People rarely get to see how our things are created and the time we put into our creations. It’s hard for the public to meet independent creators, so I thank Spa Town Comics for championing the little guys like me."

Lisa-Marie Nelson of Spa Town Comics, said: "We’re about more than just selling comics, we believe in supporting creativity within the industry and our local community. We’re thrilled to give talented creators like Darrell a platform, and we just know Leamington is going to love what he has to offer."

In addition to seeing this dynamo of cartooning power in action, Darrell will be showcasing Death By Heroism's 300 page illustrative novel, several comic collections and odd tales all signed and sealed.

Darrell will be at Spa Town Comics in the Lower Mall of the Royal Priors Shopping Centre from 11-2pm on Saturday December 10. He is also a confirmed exhibitor at Leamington Comic Con 2017.

Spa Town Comics Exclusive Print #1
Spa Town Comics Exclusive Print #2
Spa Town Comics Exclusive Print #3