Sunday, March 26, 2017

#CoolArt: 'Marvel Superheroes 2017 Collection' From Castle Galleries

'Marvel Superheroes 2017 Collection' from Castle Galleries in the UK.

A collection of 10 Marvel Comics 34" x 50" prints on 38" x 54" boxed canvas, hand-signed by Stan Lee, in limited editions of 9 for £2950 each.

Go here to buy.

Captain America #2 by Steve McNiven
Captain America #230 by Bob Layton Sr & Ron Wilson
Spider-Man #44 by Tom Lyle
The Amazing Spiderman #34 by J Scott Campbell
The Incredible Hulk #26 by Kyle Hotz
The Incredible Hulk #468 by Javier Pulido
The Invincible Iron Man #65 by Michael Ryan & Sean Parsons
The Invincible Iron Man #80 by Adi Granov
Wolverine #27 by Jim Lee
Wolverine #121 by Leinil Francis Yu