Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Book Review: 'Beyond The Stars: New Worlds, New Suns' edited by Ellen Campbell & Patrice Fitzgerald

Another great anthology of Sci-Fi short stories in the fourth volume of the 'Beyond The Stars' Space Opera series.

Ten different stories from ten different authors, each one very entertaining and enjoyable, with some standing out more than others, which is to be expected in an anthology, but they are all very much at home together in this indie Sci-Fi anthology.

The stories are well written and draw you into their unique universes, getting you invested in the characters and plots. It's all very engrossing, with the only disappointment being that our visit to each story is all too brief.

As with the previous editions in this anthology series, we take a quick peek behind the scenes of the short stories with a brief Q&A with the authors, asking what sparked them to write their short stories and if the stories and characters continue on in their other works. There are also links to each author's website and social media, so you can follow them and find more stories and books.

Overall, 'Beyond The Stars: New Worlds, New Suns' is an excellent collection of short stories, that once you start you won't want to put down.