Saturday, February 10, 2018

Book Review: 'Brimstone: The Demon Within' by Will Simmons / Mood Publishing

'Brimstone: The Demon Within' is a Cinematic Novel, a story complimented with stunning full page or double page artwork, similar to concept art that you would see for movies and video games.

The story revolves around Mary Windsor, whose parents died when she was young and is now living with her grandma, who she thinks the world of. But everything is thrown into chaos when she comes home from school one day to find her grandma dead, beaten and bloodied. Finding her grandma's final instructions in a locket, Mary travels to Whitehaven, and one day after exploring the cellar of the mansion there, she stumbles across a portal and is whisked away to Brimstone, a fantasy world where Mary discovers that she has unique abilities and malevolent forces are after her for those powers.

It's an enjoyable story, told mostly in the first person from Mary's point of view. It's a fantasy portal story, and certainly contains a few of the story tropes from the genre. But, even with the familiar elements, I still found the story engrossing, as we follow Mary across the Brimstone fantasy world on her quest to get home.

The artwork from Mood Publishing's team of artists is superb! It definitely adds to the pleasure of reading the story. I have a few artbooks of movies and video games, and the illustrations in 'Brimstone' certainly wouldn't look out of place as concept art for something like a 'The Lord Of The Rings' movie or a fantasy RPG video game.

An entertaining read with stunning artwork!

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