Monday, June 18, 2018

#Book Review: 'We Have Always Lived On Mars' by Cecil Castellucci

'We Have Always Lived On Mars' by Cecil Castellucci, is a quick but enjoyable read about the inhabitants of a Martian colony that believes that its been abandoned, and with humanity on Earth possibly extinct, little hope for the future.

The story got my attention, as its reportedly to be adapted into a film by John Krasinski, star and director of the film 'A Quiet Place'. And although it's not entirely original, there are other stories and films that follow a similar path, it's still engaging enough. The brief story focuses on Nina, one of inhabitants of the colony, and I did like her character development, in spite of the time we're with her in the story.

Unfortunately, as the story is quite short, to say anymore about it would be giving up spoilers, and I don't do that. But I will say that it's a good read and leaves you wanting to know more about what happens afterwards at the end.

The story is a free read from the Tor Fiction website, so you can check it out for yourself.

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