Monday, July 02, 2018

Book Review: 'Entangled Earth' by David Lea

'Entangled Earth' by David Lea, is an enjoyable and thrilling apocalyptic story. The originality of the premise and the engaging and grounded characters drew me into a story that was compelling, and both exciting and horrific at times.

Physicist Mia Green is in Paris for a conference and whilst she is visiting the Eiffel Tower, the apocalypse seemingly descends upon Paris, destroying the world famous Tower and most of the city with it.

Somehow Mia escapes the destruction, and her only thought is to get back to her husband and son back in England, in the hopes that they are safe. Bruce, the only other survivor from the Eiffel Tower, and Abraham, a professor who knows what happened - it's a scientific experiment gone horrifically wrong, join her on her journey back home. Along the way they find out that it wasn't just Paris that was affected but the entire world, and they must try to survive the apocalyptic journey to Cambridge, England and hopefully rectify the situation.

I liked the way the main characters dealt with the obstacles that came their way. And there were certainly plenty of them to get through! It felt like they were very real-world solutions to their problems, with the characters actually having to think about what to do, and then still sometimes getting by with a sliver or two of good luck.

The world building was pretty good too, giving us a believable world of chaos and devastation, thanks to the lab experiment, and seeing how the world is coping with the dire situation. *Spoiler* Not very well!

It's an apocalyptic sci-fi story that is fast paced and action packed. There are elements of horror, especially at the beginning of the destruction of Paris and the gory deaths, but it's more of an exciting adventure story as Mia, Bruce and Abraham race against time and try to save the world.

Definitely a good read and one that I enjoyed.

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