Saturday, August 11, 2018

#CoolArt: Haven Gallery presents 'Her Majesty' Group Art Exhibition

Haven Gallery presents 'Her Majesty', a group art exhibition of new paintings, drawings and sculptures from over 30 artists, that focuses on notable women of power, transcending the benevolent and philanthropic to the malevolent and murderous. A look back on women of history whose reigns had a strong impact on concurrent and contemporaneous times.

The opening reception is Saturday August 11 from 6-8pm ET at the Haven Gallery, 155 Main Street, Carriage House Square, Northport, NY 11768, and is on display until September 15.

by Mab Graves
by Hieu Nguyen (Kelogsloops)
by Daria Theodora
by Annie Stegg Gerard
by Yoann Lossel
by Adam Oehlers
by Jennifer Hrabota Lesser
by Andi Soto
by Tom Bagshaw

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