Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 25th: Happy Geek Pride Day!

Fly the geek flag loud and proud today, it's Geek Pride Day - a special day dedicated to those of us who do not (and should not) feel ashamed about showing off our geeky and nerdy passions!

Check out GeekDad's look at 'What is a geek?'

Chosen to celebrate George Lucas' 'Star Wars', which was premiered on May 25th 1977 (and also happens to be the date that 'Return Of The Jedi' premiered in 1983), Geek Pride Day also shares this special day with Towel Day, for fans of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' series by Douglas Adams, and the Glorious 25 May for fans of Terry Pratchett's 'Discworld'.

The first Geek Festival was organised in Albany, New York around 1998-2000 by Tim McEachern, but it was first celebrated in Spain as "Orgullo Friki" in 2006 and has spiraled all over the world thanks to the internet.

So today, on this special day, no matter whether you're a pop culture geek, a science nerd, a gamer geek or whatever, celebrate and declare your pride at being geek!

As a purveyor of pop culture geekery, mostly Sci-Fi and Fantasy, I have quite a lot of favourites but, in no particular order, here a few of them below.

Happy Geek Pride Day!

Star Wars Films & Comics
Star Trek TOS Series & Films
Firefly TV Series & Serenity Film & Comics
Battlestar Galactica TV Series
John Carter Books, Comics & Film
Mass Effect Video Games
Doctor Who TV Series
Fables Comic Book Series
Preacher Comic Book Series
Saga Comic Book Series
Venture Bros TV Series
The films of Studio Ghibli
The books of Neil Gaiman
The books of Edgar Rice Burroughs
The books of Otis Adelbert Kline
Pulp Science Fiction and Fantasy stories
The art of Frank Frazetta
The art of Drew Struzan
The art of Ralph McQuarrie
The art of Robert Maguire
The art of Robert McGinnis

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