Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cool Art: The Awesome Pencil Art Of Jay Anacleto

I first noticed the art of Jay Anacleto from his awesome 'Dejah Thoris' and 'Legend Of Red Sonja' cover art. The final covers themselves are pretty cool, but it's the original pencil art BEFORE they are coloured that got my attention. A quick scan on Google Images brought up a raft of very impressive art!

Jay Anacleto began his comics career with Brian Haberlin at Avalon Studios on 'Aria', and he's since worked on covers at Image, Marvel, DC and now Dynamite Comics. The art is very lifelike, with particular attention towards the shading and minute details. Pretty dang good considering he graduated with a dentistry degree and not art!

He doesn't currently have a website, or at least none that I can find, but he is on Facebook if you want to follow him and his awesome art.

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