Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Daniel Danger's Mondo Screenprint 'Psycho' Restructured As A Digital Christmas Card

This digital Christmas card was made by Danny Ratcliff, a big fan of artist Daniel Danger, and is based on Daniel's screenprint poster of Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho'
"Daniel is one of my favorite artists - when tasked to make a Christmas card for the online art forum "Expresso Beans", I thought that the vibrant reds of this print would make for a classic (if subversive twist) on a digital card. Released in 2012 by the incredible Austin based gallery Mondo, this print represents the perfect pairing of artist and title - subtly yet assertively injecting his style into the piece and breathing new menace into a truly iconic license and creating something that is by turn both beautiful and unsettling."
Head on over to his Vimeo channel, where Danny explains more on the process of turning a screenprint into the finished digital Christmas card, and what Daniel Danger thought of it too!

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