Friday, October 16, 2015

Cool Art: Hero Complex Gallery Prints From NYCC

Hero Complex Gallery will be releasing prints that they had during New York Comic Con.

The first drop includes prints of  'Back To The Future', 'The Wizard Of Oz', 'The Fifth Element', 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' and more from artists including Kevin M Wilson, Craig Drake, AJ Frena, Casey Callender, Paul Shipper.

Go here to buy.

'88MPH' by Kevin M Wilson
'Back To The Future' (Foil Edition) by Craig Drake
'Back To Future: Part II' (Foil Edition) by Craig Drake
'The Wizard Of Oz' by AJ Frena
'The Fifth Element: Absolute Evil' by Casey Callender
'The Fifth Element' by Casey Callender
'Droids' by Paul Shipper
'Finn' by Paul Shipper
'Kylo Ren' by Paul Shipper
'Poe' by Paul Shipper
'Rey' by Paul Shipper
'Captain Phasma' by Paul Shipper
'Pan's Labyrinth' by Ale Giorgini
'Joe' by Hanzel Haro
'Point Break' by Sam Gilbey