Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cool Art: Prints From 'The Great Guillermo' Art Show by Little White Lies & 3rd Rail

Prints from the Guillermo del Toro inspired art exhibition 'The Great Guillermo' by Little White Lies & 3rd Rail and hosted at 71a Gallery, are now available.

They are A1 sized screenprints and cost £49 each.

Go here to buy.

'Cronos' by Luke Drozd
'The Devil's Backbone' by Lola Beltrán
'Pan's Labyrinth' by Sam Dunn
'Mimic' by Laurène Boglio
'Hellboy' by Chris DeLorenzo
'Hellboy II: The Golden Army' by MUTI
'Blade II' by Pedro Oyarbide
'Pacific Rim' by Drew Millward
'Crimson Peak' by Telegramme