Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cool Art: FAMP Art presents 'The Labours Of Hercules'

FAMP Art presents 'The Labours of Hercules', their debut art exhibtion, hosted at Bottleneck Gallery from December 12.

13 Artists. 12 Labours. 1 Hercules.
The artists in the show include:
Timothy Pittides (First Labour: Nemean Lion),
Kerby Rosanes (Second Labour: lernaean Hydra),
Erica Williams (Third Labour: Ceryneian Hind),
Dan Mumford (Fourth Labour: Erymanthian Boar),
JC Richard (Fifth Labour: Augean Stables)
Chris Skinner (Sixth Labour: Stymphalian birds),
Lucas Ruggieri (Seventh Labour: Cretan Bull),
AJ Frena (Eighth Labour: Mares of Diomedes),
Nikita Kaun (Ninth Labour: Belt of Hippolyta),
Karl Fitzgerald (Tenth Labour: Cattle of Geryon),
Tom Roberts (Eleventh Labour: Apples of the Hesperides),
DZO (Twelfth Labour: Cerberus),
Glyn Smyth (Hercules),

The show will include a variety of screen printed pieces, a few giclée prints and couple of originals. As a bonus, they will also be giving out a free print by artist Glyn Smyth to the first 20 people in line.

The opening reception is on December 12 from 7-9.30pm at Bottleneck Gallery, 60 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249.

Go here to RSVP at the official Facebook event page.

Remaining prints from the opening will be available online from Monday, December 14 at 12pm EST.

'End The Suffering' by Timothy Pittides
'Lernaean Hydra' by Kerby Rosanes
'The Hind of Ceryneia' by Erica Williams
'Erymanthian Boar' by Dan Mumford

'Stymphalian Birds' by Chris Skinner
'Cretan Bull' by Lucas Ruggieri
Mares of Diomedes by AJ Frena
'Belt of Hippolyta' by Nikita Kaun
'The Cattle of Geryon' by Karl Fitzgerald
'Apples of the Hesperides' by Tom Roberts
'Cerberus' by DZO
'Hercules' by Glyn Smith
Scythian Echidna by Glyn Smith
(Free print given away to the first 20 people in line)

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