Friday, February 05, 2016

#CoolArt: 'Destiny' Video Game Art Prints From Cook & Becker

Cook & Becker, in partnership with Seattle studio Bungie, are releasing the second in a two part collection of giclée fine art prints featuring art from the video game 'Destiny'.

Each print in the full 20 print collection is made from original digital concept art used in the production of 'Destiny' and features key artworks by Bungie concept artists Jesse van Dijk, Jaime Jones, Dorje Bellbrook, Ryan deMita, Kekai Kotaki and Joseph Cross.

Go here to buy.

'Queen Of The Reef'
'Valley Of Kings'
'Summoning Pits'
'Riksis - Devil Archon'
'Cabal Firefight'
'The Cabal'
'The Buried City'