Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Warby Parker & Kill Screen Partner Up For A New Physics Based Online Game

Warby Parker and Kill Screen partner up for a new online game and the launch of a pair of limited edition glasses!

On August 23, Warby Parker’s first ever - and totally free - video game will be revealed at warbyparker.com/kill-screen. With the help of Highline Games, Warby Parker and Kill Screen have come up with a physics-based matching game that perfectly captures their shared love of design and entertainment. Its graphic elements are beautiful yet unexpected, and the gameplay hits the sweet spot of being both simple and fun.

Warby Parker & Killscreen Game
The object of the game is to match and clear groups of same coloured balls as they roll about in a bowl. The more balls matched, the more your meter fills and the more points you score. The bowl is set on a work desk - which also happens to be the perfect place to play the game, although you may not end up getting much actual work done! - and features made-up books with distracting titles (consider them a challenge!), a pair of good-looking glasses, and the always-important 'tilt' button to shake things up when there are no colour matches in the bowl. Although be sparing with that 'tilt' button, as you can only use it once until the meter has been filled again. Having played it myself, it's quite an addictive game, very much in the mould of the classic 'Tetris', and a game where you'll keep wanting to better your previous score!

The pairing of Kill Screen with Warby Parker is such a logical, and natural fit.” says Jamin Warren, Kill Screen CEO and Founder.

The spirit of independence and innovation that we admire in games permeates Warby Parker’s approach to the design of glasses, and the Kill Screen limited-edition glasses are a wonderfully tangible representation of that spirit.

The limited-edition glasses, 'Burke in Glacier Grey' (a best-selling frame re-imagined in a new hue), are crafted from premium cellulose acetate and equipped with lenses that have anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings - which conveniently reduce the glare from screens. (Score!) Inside the frame’s temple is an embossed Kill Screen logo in their signature red. Also included in the bundle is a custom lens pouch with artwork featuring the Kill Screen logo cleverly deconstructed into minimalist lines and shapes.

Burke in Glacier Grey from Warby Parker