Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Welcome to Dust, a new multi­-platform destination for science fiction filmmakers and fans

Dust is a new multi­-platform destination for science fiction creators, innovators and fans. Imagine the stunning visual effects and complex character explorations that currently reside in sci-­fi film and TV now binge­-watchable on any platform in bite size bits.

Dust, along with the help of science fiction film and television producer, Steve Tzirlin (formerly from Lucasfilm), have curated over 100 of the best sci­-fi shorts that will be available across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and watchdust.com.

Dust will also be adding monthly exclusive premieres, producing original programming and providing a behind­-the-­scenes look at never­-before-­seen content.

They hope to unearth the future Lucas, Nolan, Cameron and Spielberg’s, while providing this generation’s next wave of talent with the funds, tools and effects to create these compelling shorts, amplifying the voices of new filmmakers who will shape the future with the force of their imagination.

For the latest short films head to the Dust Youtube channel, and also follow them on Twitter @watchdust, Facebook and on Instagram. Check out the channel trailer and a couple of short films below for a look into the future.