Wednesday, November 30, 2016

'Brimstone: The Demon Within' Cinematic Novel Kickstarter Campaign From Mood

Mood, an entertainment design company from Denmark, previously financed a cinematic novel (a novel fully illustrated by professional concept artists) called 'Fall Of Gods', which is now being adapted into a feature film by Wes Ball ('Mazerunner'), and they are currently seeking funding to publish a new story as a hardcover cinematic novel.

Written by Hollywood screenwriter Will Simmons, 'Brimstone: The Demon Within', the first in a planned trilogy, is a contemporary coming-of-age tale set in a treacherous realm that exists beneath our world. It’s the story of a gifted girl thrust into a wilderness of wonder and terror, where she’s forced to face her deepest fears and grapple with the dangers that lurk within and around her.

Check out the Kickstarter video below and go here for more information. Be quick, as the campaign ends on December 4.