Friday, February 10, 2017

#CoolArt: MSV presents 'Superheroes and Superstars: The Works of Alex Ross'

'Superheroes and Superstars: The Works of Alex Ross' is a traveling exhibition organized by the Norman Rockwell Museum and includes more than 100 original works, all on public display for the first time. Most of the works in the exhibition are on loan from Ross’s personal collection.

The new exhibition features Alex Ross’s well-known images of superheroes, villains, and his recent paintings of popular culture icons, such as The Beatles and Monty Python. Paintings, sketches, and models from his childhood and college years will also be on view, including 'Spidey' booklets that Ross created at the age of four, action figures he made when he was 11 years old, and a self-portrait for a high school art class. 

Some of Ross’s more recent works in the show include 'A Tale of Two Reeves', a 2016 painting illustrating the two actors audiences most identify with Superman; the 2016 'Hulk Marvelmania' poster painting; 'Flash Gordon', a 2015 painting marking the 35th anniversary of the Flash Gordon film; and Ross’s variant cover for 'Star Wars' #1, an homage to the original 1977 issue for Marvel’s relaunch of the classic Star Wars comic book series.

The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley (MSV) will be the first venue to present this art exhibition and will be on display from February 11 through May 14, 2017.

Opening reception is Saturday February 11 from 9.30am - 11.30am at the Museum Of Shenandoah Valley (MSV), 901 Amherst Street in Winchester, Virginia, 22601. Those interested in attending should register in advance at or by calling 540-662-1473, ext. 240. The fee to attend the reception - which is sponsored by the Bank of Clarke County and includes admission to the exhibition and coffee and pastries - is free to MSV Members and $20 for all others.