Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Spa Town Comics Offering Fantastic 4 Deal

My local comic shop, Spa Town Comics, have a special 'Fantastic 4' deal, where if you tell the Spa Town Comics experts the kind of issues and stories you're into, they will select four different comics each month - a mix of first issues, stand alone titles, and new story arcs for a reduced price, helping you to discover new reads and save money on great comics.

You can choose to receive superhero related titles, non-superhero titles or opt to get a mix for just £12.95 + shipping unless you choose to collect from store. All comics are bagged and boarded too!

The comics they sent me ​were from the non-superhero bundle -  'The Belfry' one shot, 'Planetoid Praxis' #1, 'Lobster Johnson: Garden Of Bones' and 'The Forever War' #1, an adaptation of the Hugo award winning novel. I'd only really knew of 'Lobster Johnson' and had heard of 'The Belfry' one shot, the others had unfortunately slipped by me. But I was very impressed with the comics in the pack, a mix of sci-fi and horror/fantasy, it really was as if they knew exactly which titles I would like. All of them great reads and really enjoyed them.

As it's a subscription service, you must be aged 18+ and make the commitment to buy this service every month - terms and conditions apply.

So if you're only just getting into comics and don't know where to start, or if you've been into comics for a while and want some new reads that you may have missed, then the Spa Town Comics 'Fantastic 4' subscription service is a definite winner!

Either pop down to their stall in the Royal Priors in Leamington Spa (Thursday - Sunday), or go here to subscribe to the offer.

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