Friday, May 26, 2017

Book Review: 'Beyond The Stars: At Galaxy's Edge' edited by Ellen Campbell & Patrice Fitzgerald

The next volume in the 'Beyond The Stars' Space Opera anthology series, and just like the previous volumes before it, 'At Galaxy's Edge' is another great selection of short stories, written by 12 fantastic authors, most of which I've not heard of before, but will now keep a watch out for.

The Q&A with the authors after each story is very enjoyable, each giving you an insight into what inspired them to write the story, their personality, and where to find more of their work.

For an anthology, there is always the possibility of story or two in the collection not quite hitting the spot, not quite at the same level as the rest. For me, there's no such worry here. Each of the stories, although very different from one another - in setting, pace, thematically etc - are all very well written, and really feel at home together in this collection.

I really enjoyed the stories. Fun to read with each able to be read in bite size chunks, therefore had the feeling of getting drawn into story more. Some I wished could have gone on a bit longer as I felt very invested in the characters and worlds within the stories, leaving me with a desire for more.

Overall, third time is definitely a charm as 'At Galaxy's Edge' is another great read from a great collection of writers in the 'Beyond The Stars' series. Whether you like Sci-fi or not, this is a great anthology of unique stories that will leave you wanting more.