Friday, January 26, 2018

Book Review: 'Artemis' by Andy Weir

I enjoyed this. 'Artemis' by Andy Weir tells the story of Jazz Bashara, a porter on the (only) lunar city of Artemis, who also happens to do a bit of illegal smuggling on the side too. When she's hired to do a bit of sabotage by one of her clients, things don't exactly go to plan, and it's up to Jazz to rectify things and save the city and its inhabitants.

Much like Andy Weir's previous novel, the excellent 'The Martian', the main protagonist is smart, snarky, wise cracking and a quick thinker. A very likeable character. I listened to the audiobook with Rosario Dawson narrating, and she really brought the character of Jazz to life, adding a whole new dimension to 'Artemis' and making it even more enjoyable.

The pen pal interludes between Jazz and a boy from Kenya, Kelvin Otieno, added more depth to Jazz's character too. As the correspondences are over a number of years, from when Jazz is aged 9 up until the present, they give Jazz a back story of what she was like growing up on a lunar city.

There's also a lot detail and science thrown in as well. As 'Artemis' is told in the first person, from Jazz's perspective, she explains all the science and technical stuff in her own indomitable way, a way that is fun and doesn't confuse you or take you out of the story.

Once things start to go awry for Jazz, the pace picks up and it's a thrilling ride to the end, with Jazz getting into various predicaments and her can do attitude getting her out of them. Although in some cases, just barely!

If you enjoyed Weir's 'The Martian', it's very much in the same vein; a wise cracking and likeable protagonist and a dash of science and future-tech set in the near future, all blended into a fun and entertaining story.

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