Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Book Review: 'Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold' by Stephen Fry

A charming and entertaining retelling of Greek mythological history by Stephen Fry, selecting some of the most well known myths as well as some that aren't. As he states in the forward, Fry is only concerned with telling the stories and not explaining or delving deeper into the truths and insights behind them.

And that's what we get with 'Mythos'. The book begins at, well, the beginning with stories covering the Greek version of the creation myth, followed by the Titans, a young Zeus overthrowing Cronus and going onto establish the pantheon of Olympus, as well as the creation of mankind.

The myths that Fry presents us with tells of cruel, jealous, vengeful and lustful (especially Zeus) gods, especially when they fraternise with mortals, nymphs, satyrs and the rest that populate ancient Greece.

Its a shame that some of the more well known classic 'fan favourite' Greek myths, like Oedipus, the Labours of Herakles, Jason and his Argonauts, Icarus, Odysseus, Perseus and more weren't featured. But what we do have are fascinating, captivating and sometimes hilarious stories, with the love that Stephen Fry has for these myths shining brightly through, his masterful retelling of the stories of gods and mortals making them seem more vivid and alive.

Recommended, especially the audiobook, which is also narrated by Stephen Fry himself!

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