Friday, May 25, 2018

#CoolArt: 'Dave Gilmour' by Carl Glover

'Dave Gilmour' by Carl Glover, a new print release through The Flood Gallery.

24" x 36" 4 colour screen print on Foil paper, in a signed and numbered Blue Gold Foil edition of 40 for £50, a Blue Silver Foil edition of 25 for £60, a Red Gold Foil edition of 20 for £70, a Red Silver Foil edition of 20 for £70, a Red Rainbow Foil edition of 15 for £120, a Blue Lava Foil edition of 10 for £140, and a Red Circle Foil edition of 5 for £180.

A collectable set of five 9" x12" screen prints, each on a different foil paper, is available absolutely FREE when purchasing the Blue Lava Foil and Red Circle Foil editions.

On sale Friday May 25 at 4pm UK from The Flood Gallery website.

Blue Gold Foil Edition
Blue Silver Foil Edition
Red Gold Foil Edition
Red Silver Foil Edition
Red Rainbow Foil Edition
Blue Lava Foil Edition
Red Circle Foil Edition

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