Wednesday, June 13, 2018

#CoolArt: 'Magic The Gathering' Prints by The Poster Posse

Officially licensed Magic: The Gathering prints from The Poster Posse, in celebration of 25 years of Magic, featuring a Planeswalker from each of the mana colours.

2’ x 3’ prints on matte paper, in limited editions for $5 each during the Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix events around the world throughout June:
  • Las Vegas (June 14-17)
  • Singapore (June 22-24)
  • Sao Paulo (July 6-8)
  • Chiba (July 20-22)
  • Barcelona (June 29 – July 1) 
Any remaining prints will be available on following the last event.

'Green: Nissa Revane' by Tracie Ching
'Blue: Jace Beleren' by Marko Manev
'Red: Chandra Nalaar' by Tom Miatke
'Black: Liliana Vess' by Orlando Arocena
'White: Ajani Goldmane' by Jérémy Pailler

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