Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Cool Art: 'Flash Gordon' by Alex Ross

'Flash Gordon' by Alex Ross, created for a special BAFTA red carpet celebration to honour the 35th anniversary of the film on Saturday November 28.

The BAFTA event features a reception, a screening of the film and a special Q&A with members of the cast and crew - confirmed guests include Sam J Jones (Flash Gordon), Melody Anderson (Dale Arden), Brian Blessed (Prince Vultan), Ornella Muti (Princess Aura), Peter Wyngard (Klytus), Trevor Butterfield (Hawksman & MingsGuard), Howard Blake (Composer), George Gibbs (SFX Supervisor), Dave Watson (SFX Supervisor).

The Alex Ross print will be available to all ticket holders before being released as a print to the public next year. Various copies of the poster will be signed by the cast and sold for charity at the event.

Go here for tickets to this special event.