Tuesday, August 02, 2016

#CoolArt: Drew Struzan's Iconic 'Big Trouble In Little China' Poster Available At A Special Screening

Bottleneck Gallery, in partnership with 20th Century Fox and ACME Archives, will be releasing a reprint of Drew Struzan's iconic poster for a special 30th anniversary screening of 'Big Trouble In Little China' in New York.

It's a 24" x 36" 17 colour signed and numbered (by Drew) screenprint in a Regular edition of 400 for $200 and a Variant edition with Glow-In-The-Dark ink in a limited edition of 150 for $250.

The screening is on Thursday August 4 at 7pm and 9.30pm EST, and tickets are $5 each and are on sale now at Syndicated BK in Brooklyn, NY. You do not need a ticket to purchase a print, and prints will be available in the hall of Syndicated at around 6pm. All posters are in hand and will be tubed.

Regular edition prints from the screening will be available online at Bottleneck Gallery Friday August 5 at 12pm EST.