Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Book Review: 'Bourbon, Sugar, Grace' by Jessica Reisman

'Bourbon, Sugar, Grace' by Jessica Reisman is a good Sci-Fi short story set on a mining colony where the deposits have dried up with the mining company having since abandoned the people and workers, save for automated shipments of supplies.

The story follows Fox, a salvager, as she's commissioned to retrieve an object, but finds out that two company employees are also on the trail of the object as well.

The object she finds, some kind of mystical rock, seems to have some kind of link to the stories of 'Pisque And The Sloe Ghost', that she was told to by her moms, yes plural, Ohnee and Taf, as well as some kind of strange power.

Despite being a short story, the world building is pretty good, setting up a world that's been largely forgotten about by the company that sent them there. I also enjoyed the character of Fox. She seemed pretty realistic and we get a glimpse into her life with events that have moulded her into the person she is.

I thought the ending was a bit ambivalent but overall it's a good read that could be the beginning to something more.