Saturday, June 24, 2017

Book Review: 'Wonder Woman' by Nancy Holder

A good novelization of the hit film.

It's a faithful retelling, with minimal fleshing out of scenes or dialogue that you sometimes get in movie novelizations. The director of the film, Patty Jenkins, is quoted as saying that there were no deleted scenes from film, and the fact that there's very little additional material in this novelization does kind of back that up.

The book does add to the film however by expanding on the thoughts of Diana and of Steve Trevor when the POV is focused on them. You really get more of a sense of Diana's straightforwardness, and perhaps naivety, as she leaves her home of Themyscira on a quest that takes her to the world of man during the First World War to defeat Ares the God Of War. We're also able to read the thoughts of Steve Trevor, revealing that he's very much in love with Diana and although he may not believe in the whole Amazons and Gods scenario, he does still trust and believe in Diana completely.

The book is split into three parts - essentially the three acts of the film - Amazon, Warrior and Wonder Woman, and I like the way each part starts with a quote that sums up what you're about to read.

I like reading movie novelizations, whether it's after I've seen the film or if I'm not all that bothered about seeing the film at all, and I enjoyed this one. The only other book I've read previously by Nancy Holder was the novelization for the recent 'Ghostbusters' film, I've not seen the movie but I did enjoy the book. But with this one, I have seen the film and was good to revisit the movie on the written page/kindle.

It's a well written book that doesn't veer too much away from what was up on the screen, so if you're a fan of the film then you'll enjoy reliving it again with this novelization.