Tuesday, June 27, 2017

#CoolArt: 'Syd Barrett' by Mishka Westell

'Syd Barrett' by Mishka Westell, a new print release through The Flood Gallery, and part of their 'Summer Of Love 1967' event that kicks off Thursday June 29.

18" x 24" 3 colour screen print, in a signed and numbered Regular edition of 110 on Mohawk cream paper for £35, a signed and numbered Gold Foil Variant edition of 60 on Gold Foil paper for £45, a signed and numbered Silver Foil Variant edition of 45 on Silver Foil paper for £70, and a Holographic Foil Variant edition of 20 on Rainbow Holographic paper for £120.

On sale Thursday June 29 at 8pm UK

Regular Edition
Gold Foil Edition
Silver Foil Edition
Holographic Foil Edition