Thursday, June 29, 2017

#CoolArt: 'Darkness Over Hayholt' by Michael Whelan

'Darkness Over Hayholt' by Michael Whelan, cover art for the novel, 'The Witchwood Crown' by Tad Williams.

22" x 15" fine art print on 24" x 18" paper in a signed open edition for $75 $50.

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Also available as part of a Tad Williams 'Osten Ard' four print set that includes 'In Dai Chikiza (The Dragonbone Chair)', 'Stone Of Farewell' and 'Green Angel Tower' for $315 $195.

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All sale prices are current until July 31 2017.

'Darkness Over Hayholt (The Witchwood Crown)' by Michael Whelan
'In Dai Chikiza (The Dragonbone Chair)' by Michael Whelan
'Stone Farewell' by Michael Whelan
'Green Angel Tower' by Michael Whelan