Saturday, July 15, 2017

Book Review: 'When Stars Are Scattered' by Spencer Elsworth

'When Stars Are Scattered' by Spencer Ellsworth, is another good addition to the long list of wonderful short stories from Tor.

A story that touches on belief and faith in religion, intolerance, as well as the philosophy of suffering and existence, all in a Sci-Fi setting.

A new doctor, Dr Ahmed el-Mahy, arrives at a human outpost in space, where tensions between the two religious groups of the colony have become precarious. The groups are also divided over their treatment of the alien race that share their land, known as Kites because they, well, look like kites. The Christian homesteaders treat them as more like pests whilst the Muslim group show them kindness and treat them as people.

But a deadly virus is sweeping through the Kites population, and with tensions rising between the two groups, Ahmed does his best to find a cure in trying circumstances.

Its a moving, well written and thought provoking story that is, unfortunately, indicative of our times. Enjoyed reading this.